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Stage One of Adolescence Requires Special Handling. Learn the Tools Here.

Teen Shaping cover

Scott Turansky Photo
Dr. Scott
Paul Downer
Paul Downer


Teen Shaping:
Parenting Wisdom for Ages 12-16
The teen years can be a delight but often you'll experience frustration, confusion, and challenges in your parenting. You won't want to miss the advice of Dr. Scott Turansky and Paul Downer as you navigate through the teen years. These two experts have teamed up to give you practical advice to address many of issues you'll encounter.

Three stages of adolescence must be met with different tools and strategies. This first stage, ages 12-16 is characterized by emotional turmoil, often resulting in angry outbursts, bad attitudes, and emotionally driven decision making. These kids need help and you are the one to provide it. We'll show you how to work with your growing teen using a heart-based approach.

You will learn
Practical tools to address arguing, disrespect, and bad attitudes
How to guide your teen to develop godly convictions
Ways to communicate so that kids will listen
How to address anger in you and your teen
Strategies for homework and other responsibility training arenas
Ways to foster spiritual development
How to handle social media and the Internet
and much more

The key to parenting success during the teen years is a lot of God's grace and relational wisdom. Learn from these experts how to best reach the heart of your teen.

Dr. Scott Turansky is one of the co-founders of the National Center for Biblical Parenting and Biblical Parenting University. He teaches parenting seminars around the country and counsels with families in his office weekly. He loves working with teens and their parents to keep them on track and help them navigate the adolescent years.

Paul Downer travels the U.S. speaking at parenting conferences, youth retreats, and father-son discipleship weekends. He appears weekly on the one-minute broadcast, A Discipleship Moment, which airs on over 550 stations in the United States and Canada. Paul has been a leader with Young Life in Chattanooga, Tennessee, since 2005, mentoring high school students.

Authors: Dr. Scott Turansky and Paul Downer
Price: $9.99 eBook
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