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The Second Stage Of Adolescence Focuses on Moving Toward Adulthood. We'll Help You Help Your Kids Move Through this Stage Effectively.

On a Mission cover

Scott Turansky Photo
Dr. Scott
Paul Downer
Paul Downer


On a Mission:
Parenting Wisdom for Ages 15-20

The second stage of adolescence takes place between 16-19 years of age, give or take a couple of years. It's characterized by a mission-oriented view of life. These children decide that they want to go to college, be an athlete, or move toward a particular career. They still need some significant parenting during these years as they formulate their worldview, determine their values, and move ahead with a career, relationships, and personal faith.

You'll want to read the advice provided by Dr. Scott Turansky and Paul Downer as you parent your adolescents. They'll give you practical, biblical direction to maximize your parenting in this significant stage of life. The relationship between parent and child is changing and it's all the more important to make the parenting shifts necessary for most effective parenting.

You will learn
How to be firm when necessary
Ways to foster spiritual independence
Strategic communication tools that teach values
How to talk about relationships and sex
Tools for addressing emotions in you and your teen
Practical ideas for independence training
How to shift to an adult-adult relationship
and much more

Dr. Scott Turansky is one of the co-founders of the National Center for Biblical Parenting and Biblical Parenting University. His heart-based approach is particularly helpful in later adolescence.

Paul Downer travels the U.S. speaking at parenting conferences, youth retreats, and father-son discipleship weekends. He appears weekly on the one-minute broadcast, A Discipleship Moment, which airs on over 550 stations in the United States and Canada. Paul has been a leader with Young Life in Chattanooga, Tennessee, since 2005, mentoring high school students.

Authors: Dr. Scott Turansky and Paul Downer
Price: $9.99 eBook
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