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Home Improvement
The Parenting Book You Can Read to Your Kids

Home Improvement book

This book is more than just a parenting book. It's a tool to use with your child. Each chapter is divided into two parts. The first part is a fiction story about a family who experiences problems and then learns a new tool. Read this section to your child. It presents family issues from the parent's perspective. Children are often blinded by their own viewpoint and seeing the problem from the parent's view is eye-opening. Furthermore, it opens opportunities to talk about ways your family relates and ways you can make changes.

In This Book You Will Learn...

• Four truths that will motivate you to continue on when you're tired, discouraged, and ready to give up.
• A powerful strategy to help children change their hearts--not just their actions.
• A unique concept that will reveal the cues you give to tell your children when they must obey.
• A six-step "Secret Weapon" you can use when all else seems to have failed and you need a bigger plan to help children develop character, not just change their behavior.
• Three practical ways to be a coach to your children and help them learn from life.
• One small ingredient to add to your parenting to help your children develop wisdom.
• A three-step plan to help your children deal with anger through frustration management, anger control, rage reduction, and releasing bitterness.

An eight CD series entitled Eight Secrets to Highly Effective Parenting is also available.

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Home Improvement
The Parenting Book You Can Read to Your Kids


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