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Hero Training Camp

Hero Training Camp
The Conscience Development Course for Kids
This is a stand-alone curriculum to use in your family or in a church children's program. Or with the additional kits you can use it for VBS or Family VBS.

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Click the video image above to watch Dr. Scott Turansky
and Joanne Miller introduce Hero Training Camp.

Hero Training Camp uses the life of David and the biblical concept of the conscience to teach children to be internally motivated in four areas: Do what’s right, deal with wrongs, be honest, and care about others. This action-packed, activity-based program for children teaches kids that God has provided them with the standard equipment to be heroes in training now. Their job is to pay attention to the conscience and the Holy Spirit in their lives.

Each session contains:
• A Bible story from the life of David with practical applications for children
• A verse from the Bible that children can memorize
• Power Words that summarize the lesson
• A science experiment that illustrates an aspect of conscience development
• Clear biblical teaching about the conscience presented on a child’s developmental level
• A fun craft that children can use as a reminder of the lesson
• Energizing games that have a point for discussion
• A snack that teaches a truth
• A Hero Exercise for children to practice between sessions
• Role play to help children integrate the truths
• Discussion points throughout to help you as a parent teach these truths

Support materials are optional such as the Hero Training Camp Music CD that contains the Conscience Song and the Hero Song in video or audio formats, posters that contain the eight heroes and the Power Words, and the eight Bible Verse posters.

What children learn in each session

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