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THRIVE! Family Experience

THRIVE! Family Experience

THRIVE! is a 12 session Video Training Experience that teaches parents a heart-based approach in order to help their children thrive. The Family Program offers the same 12 sessions. Each 15 minute video has a segment addressed specifically to young people watching. The family activity included gives kids of all ages the opportunity to grasp a new biblical truth and life skill.


Parents and children can sit around the living room and watch the 15 minute videos and discuss the truths together. In each video we talk directly into the cameras to young people, giving them a valuable insight into life that will help them to thrive.


A fun family activity empowers children and their parents with a hands-on science experiment, game, or activity that illustrates a biblical truth, wisdom needed from God for today.

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Fully downloadable for easy printing and playing on your computer or projector.

NOTE: If paying with Paypal, create your online account with NCBP first. You'll need your email address and password to access the download page. The link will be in your receipt. You can also log back in to see previous orders and get the link that way.

Suggested Donation: $59.95
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THRIVE! Family Experience
THRIVE! Family Experience
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