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Hero Training Camp at Home Package Deal, PDF version

The Conscience Development Course for Kids
Hero Training Camp uses the life of David and the biblical concept of the conscience to teach children to be internally motivated in four areas: Do what's right, deal with wrongs, be honest, and care about others. This action-packed, activity-based program for children teaches kids that God has provided them with the standard equipment to be heroes in training now. Their job is to pay attention to the conscience and the Holy Spirit in their lives.

Three components make this program exciting for any family. Parents first watch the weekly webinar along with parents all over the country. The Hero Training Camp at Home Parent Guide gives lesson plans to take you through each day for eight weeks. The Hero Training Camp Children's Curriculum gives you the actual content to help your kids become heroes in training in your home. Three components make up this powerful package. The manuals are emailed as PDFs along with instructions to access the webinars.

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Hero Training Camp at Home Package Deal, PDF version
Hero Training Camp at Home Package Deal, PDF version
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