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Love Never Fails:
Parenting Children with Difficult Behaviors

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Hear counselor Freda Doxey talk about developing a Love-Based Parenting style. Based off of the parenting model in the book, Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control: A Love Based Approach to Helping Children with Severe Behaviors, this workshop is designed to help parents and caretakers make healthy and loving connections with their children. When traditional parenting techniques fail, or make it worse, we often feel overwhelmed and hopeless. This happens because most traditional techniques are fear-based. Learn a new ground-breaking parenting approach that has helped even the most difficult of family situations find stability and healing, and be supported by parents who understand how difficult it can be! The “Beyond Consequences” technique has helped families find the healing that they have been looking for after years of “trying everything and nothing worked.”

by Freda Doxey
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Love Never Fails:<br>Parenting Children with Difficult Behaviors
Love Never Fails:
Parenting Children with Difficult Behaviors
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