Praise for the Book Motivate Your Child

“As president of an organization that works with college students, I can clearly see that we need more books like Scott and Joanne’s - books that coach parents to develop strong character in their children that will last the rest of their lives.”

—Alec Hill, President, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA

“Motivate Your Child is a book that I recommend to you because of how it helped me as a father. God used the scriptures that Turansky and Miller share to give me a greater passion—and a sharper plan—to help my children develop a godly, Scripture-driven conscience, which will serve them throughout their lives.”

—Dr. Rob Rienow, Visionary Family Ministries

"Motivate Your Child combines a solid foundation of prayer and scripture with Scott and Joanne’s real life experiences counseling hundreds of families. Begin by picturing a preferred future for your children. Learn how to tweak daily interactions to build healthy family relationships. Free up energy the family once spent on disobedience, correction and selfishness so together you can serve others and live in obedience to God. I strongly recommend this book!"

—Kirk Weaver, Family Time Training

“I have known Joanne and Ed Miller for thirty years. They completely embody their message as parents having raised two sons with the principles articulated in the Motivate Your Child. There is no more important frontier than that of godly and effective parenting in an increasingly secular age.”

—Mac Pier, CEO and Founder, The NYC Leadership Center

"Some parenting books make me feel more guilty than empowered. Turansky and Miller offer practical insight to help parents find attainable ways to motivate their kids with the big picture in mind and not just the crisis at hand. Great blend of challenging us but making spiritual parenting doable."

—Ron Hunter Jr., Executive Director & CEO of Randall House D6 Conference Director and Co-author of Toy Box Leadership

"The tips and action steps Scott and Joanne teach are psychologically deep while at the same time being Biblically grounded and consistent, but so practical and easy to implement. To me, this is truly practical theology.”

—Karl Benzio, MD, psychiatrist, Founder and Director, Lighthouse Network

"Scott and Joanne have written a compelling book that can easily become the go to resource for parents hoping to intentionally raise up children who make good choices for the right reasons and who become adults who live out their faith in Jesus Christ with integrity and compassion."

—Rev. Dr. Orlando Crespo, National Director, InterVarsity Latino Fellowship (LaFe)

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