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Motivate Your Child book

Motivate Your Child

Learn What Internal Motivation is
and How to Develop it in Your Child

"This is my favorite of all our books," says Dr. Turansky. "It's the culmination of about five years of study, research, and development. This book delves into the theological and developmental issues of a child's moral and spiritual develpment. If more parents understood these things, their family life would be much easier."

Children and youth are at the most receptive age to develop morally and spiritually, but it doesn't happen by accident. Parents are the primary spiritual and moral trainers of their children and much of the everyday work of family life is the classroom where children learn. Here's are a few of the things you'll learn in this book.

How to pass the faith on to your kids in fun ways with just 20-30 minutes of structured time per week.
How to use spontaneous moments to teach children what the faith is all about.
How the church can be a great help but not a substitute for spiritual training.
How a biblical understanding of the conscience can change the way you work with your children.
How to develop internal motivation in kids.
How to help children take responsibility for their part of an offense.
How to get kids to take initiative instead of relying on parental prompters to get things done.
How to address lying and other forms of dishonesty using a conscience approach.
How to develop integrity in a child.
How to get kids to be others-focused instead of self-focused.

This book helps you raise the awareness level of the conscience in your kids. We're not just talking about moral choices. We're talking about that uncomfortable feeling you get when a task needs to be done, a mess needs to be cleaned up, or an apology is appropriate. This is a practical tool to help children be motivated internally to be responsible and mature at any age.

Five chapters of this book are available free as an eBook entitled The Family Challenge. Click the FREE eBOOK link above to get your copy.

Motivate Your Child
A Christian Parent's Guide to Raising Kids Who Do What They Need to Do Without Being Told

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