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What's included in the Hero Training Camp
Family VBS Kit

Basic Kit includes:

• Family VBS Leader’s Guide
• Supplies CD with art and reproducible materials
• Vision letter for the church
• Pastor Informational Video
• Volunteer Instructional Video
• Reproducible parent letters
• Promotional samples for Prayer Support Cards, preprinted fliers, and posters
• Press Release for the community
• Volunteer and participant evaluation forms
• Follow up letter
• Family Night Invitation Letters
• One-minute congregational video promo
• Hero Training Camp Family VBS event poster

Family Component
• Easy to use activity instructions for parents to do with their kids during Power Time
• Easy to use activity instructions for parents to do with their kids during Blast Off
• Daily instruction sheets for the Family VBS Leader

Children’s Component
• Hero Training Camp Director’s Manual
• Detailed lesson plans for easy use
• Station Manager summary sheets for each day
• Squad Leader summary sheets for each day
• Bible adventure stories from the life of David to teach about the conscience
• Hero Field Guide for each child to work on daily and then take home
• Preschool Coordinator’s Manual with specific instructions for younger children
• Volunteer Training Meeting Lesson Plan
• Music CD containing the Hero Song and the Conscience Song
• Director’s Planning worksheet beginning three months out
• Rice Bowl Mission Project information

Parent Component
• Leader instructions for each day
• Everyday Parents CAN Raise Extraordinary Kids video sessions on DVD
• Reproducible participant pages for taking notes
• Additional handouts about the conscience
• Discussion Questions for small groups

Family Night Events (optional)
• Step-by-step leader instructions for three Family Night Events
• Instructions for parents and children working together
• Guidelines for using Hero Training Camp with kids for their own learning time
• Three video sessions on DVD for parents for their training time

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