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The Stones Cry Out and So Will the Children
By Linda Ranson Jacobs

Habakkuk 2:11 “The stones of the wall will cry out, and the beams of the woodwork will echo it.” The material in the houses in Babylon had been taken in plunder and misdeeds. The prophet was saying that because of this plunder the very stones and beams in the woodwork would cry out. Today our children in many homes have been plundered. They feel their homes and their young lives have been destroyed. Hurting children will not keep quiet. At some point they will cry out in anguish. Their cries may come in the form of angry tirades, hostile outburst and vindictive behaviors.

Luke 19:40 “I tell you.’ he replied, ‘if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.’” The oppressed in Jerusalem believed Jesus was coming to save them. The people welcomed Jesus with palms and shouts of joy. In His day, Jesus was the hope for the hurting. Today Jesus is the hope for the hurting children in our homes and in our world. Like the oppressed in Jesus’ day, children will not be silent for long.

Because Christ was crucified and rose on the third day, He paid the debt for our sins. He paid the price for each of us, even for our hurting children. Not one child is lost to Christ. He knows who every child is. He knows their name. He knows their hurts. He knows their pain. He knows of their sorrow and their shame. Jesus is the only hope for the children in our homes today.

As a single parent take your children to church with you. Read them the stories in the Bible. Share your heart and your walk of faith with them. Pray with them and pray for them. Rejoice together when the Lord has provided. Introducing your children to Christ is the most important gift you can give them.

“I stand in awe of your deeds, O Lord. Renew them in our day, in our time make them known......” Habakkuk 3:2

This publication is protected under U.S. Copyright laws [© Linda Ranson Jacobs, 2008] However, it is also a ministry to those who need it ... so, while you may pass along this article freely, please check before reprinting anything in another publication. In most cases, all she requires is proper credit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Nothing in this or other emails or materials from Linda Ranson Jacobs should be considered as psychological or legal advice. Linda is not a psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, or lawyer. These suggestions are simply suggestions and not guaranteed solutions to your particular problems. Linda offers this information because she was a single mom for years and ran a child care where the majority of her children were from single parent families. She offers support, encouragement, and suggestions to help you succeed as a single parent.

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