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Relationship Tools for Family Success

Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN teach a lively, practical, and relevant parenting seminar you won't want to miss. As you attend this seminar you'll receive practical, biblical advice for your parenting. All children are different and new ideas will help you tailor solutions to meet the needs of your family. You'll leave with plans you can put into practice right away.

Using stories, humor and plenty of illustrations, Dr. Turansky and Mrs. Miller will help you touch the hearts of your kids. Strategies directed to the heart help kids make lasting changes, but often require that parents think differently about the way they work with their kids. Parents have to change the way they parent before kids will change the way they live.

Overcoming Selfishness with the Biblical Concept of Honor
The family is made up of imperfect people and selfishness often gets in the way of harmony in a home. For every form of selfishness in a family there's an honor-based solution. Obedience gets the job done but honor deals with how the job is done. In fact, teaching honor to children makes obedience work better. Honor addresses the way people relate to each other in a family. This practical session equips parents to make necessary changes to increase harmony and strengthen relationships in family life.

It's interesting to see how you can use honor to get many things done in family life. In fact, an understanding of honor opens up a whole new barrel of parenting tools to work with your kids.

Question and answer times provide parents with opportunities to present real problems they're facing and hear suggestions. The seminar ends by talking about God's desire to touch the hearts of parents, not just their kids. Parents leave the seminar encouraged, armed with lots of practical strategies, and a new vision for touching the hearts of their children.

To learn more about the National Center for Biblical Parenting or to sign up for free email parenting tips, please visit biblicalparenting.org.



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