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Cooperation, Consequences, and Keeping Your Sanity

You don’t want to miss this seminar. Whether your kids are preschoolers, elementary-age, or well into the teenage years, you’ll receive practical tools to help build long-lasting character into their hearts. Come learn how to develop cooperation and responsibility. Hear about choices in a toolbox of consequences, and develop a strategy to bring closeness back into your relationship after discipline. These tools are biblical and they’re practical. You’ll go home with new ideas in mind, and hope in your heart.

Here’s what it looks like:
Session 1: Teaching Kids to Listen and Follow Instructions
Don’t you wish your kids would listen more? Follow through and finish a job without being prodded along? In this session we take apart the instruction process and add new skills for both parent and child. You’ll learn how to teach cooperation and responsibility to you child with every instruction you give.

Session 2: Correction Ideas that Touch the Heart
The goal of discipline is a changed heart so the way we discipline is very important. In this session you’ll learn tools and strategies to address heart issues in your kids. We’ll define a change of heart for children of various ages and you’ll learn strategies that go deeper than simple behavior modification. You’ll understand seven categories of consequences and how to use them to motivate heart change.

Session 3: Ending Discipline Times with Impact
Too often discipline times end with hurt and anger. In this session you’ll learn a routine to bring closeness back into your relationship with your child. This routine helps kids learn from the discipline and brings head knowledge down into their hearts, completing the repentance process. By the end of the seminar you will be armed with new ideas, plans, and encouragement to bring change into your family.

This seminar is creative, with participant interaction and plenty of opportunity for you to make specific application to your own family. The presenter concludes by talking about God’s desire to touch the hearts of parents too, not just their kids. You’ll leave the seminar encouraged, armed with lots of practical strategies and a new vision for touching the hearts of your children.

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