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Keynote Talks by Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN

Parent the Heart


We want to bring this revolution to families, churches and schools. 


National Center for Biblical Parenting • • • • •

Strengthening families and empowering parents to pass the faith on to their kids and mobilizing the church to equip them.

At the National Center for Biblical Parenting we're on a mission to reach the next generation for Jesus Christ. And what is our vehicle? It's not missionaries. It's not even the church. Those are great supports, but the primary vehicle for the evangelization of the next generation is the family.

We're on a mission to bring about a revolution in families around the world. We need to help parents, grandparents and teachers turn away from the regular use of behavior modification and embrace a new way.

  1. We need to train parents how to parent their child's heart. We start by praying that the Spirit will work in the hearts of our children transform their selfish hearts. We want to see young people develop internal convictions and a heart for God. The result will be strong character rather than external righteousness.

  2. We need to help parents embrace their role as the primary disciple makers in their home. With the church in support, parents need to learn how to successfully pass the faith onto their kids. Here's a great motivational video we often use to cast this vision.




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