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Parents often know that they're the primary spiritual trainers of their children but don't practice it at home. In this Level, parents are passing the faith on to their children through regular Bible teaching and spontaneous interaction about spiritual issues. They're looking to serve Jesus and use the family and their home to reach out to others.

1 The premise behind Component 4 is that the best way for children to learn is to see faith lived out at home.
2 A family has the strongest influence on children and has the potential to maximize passing on of faith. Churches who encourage parents to train their children at home and provide resources and tools to do so, increase the passing of the faith most effectively.
3 Churches must evaluate their calendar and the expectations placed on families to make family ministry a priority. Families must make faith a priority and avoid filling all their time with less meaningful activities.

Where to go from here:
Review your church culture. Has it thoroughly integrated the family? If not, work as a church to creatively consider current and new events with families in mind. Share your experiences with other churches so that they too can learn from your successes.



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