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Offer intergenerational opportunities for children and parents to worship, learn, and serve together in church life.

1 The premise in Component 3 is that parents need to pass the faith on to their kids and the church is the training ground for that to happen. Actual events and activities have parents and children serving and worshiping together to train parents to pass the faith on to their children.
2 Some churches develop a model of age-integrated Christian education. These churches meet as house churches or together in large groups, minimizing traditional children and youth programs.
3 Other churches supplement age-segregated Christian education with family learning experiences. This might include occasional family worship experiences, family mission trips, family VBS, and family events and activities.

Where to go from here:
Look for ways to equip parents to worship, learn, and serve the Lord at home, in their neighborhoods, with their friends, making the family a center for evangelism and discipleship, and then reporting successes and struggles in the church environment.



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