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Offer the strongest children and youth programs possible, providing biblical education and faith training that corresponds to the cognitive development of the child. This will include discipling kids to think rightly about family life. In general, families are encouraged to be the families that God wants them to be.

1Learning theory suggests that children learn academics best when taught at their developmental level. One ingredient of faith is knowledge and so these churches teach with classes of children at the same developmental stage.
2Since discipleship is not strictly an academic exercise, development of strong relational ministries is as important and developing academics.
3Focusing on the redemption of the Gospel of Jesus Christ more than moral behaviors.
4Churches have the responsibility to disciple all believers of all ages, not just adults.

Where to go from here:
Consider increasing the amount of intentional training that you give to your parents. Improve communication about what you’re teaching in the children and youth programs so parents are informed and able to dialogue with their kids about biblical principles.


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