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Welcome to the Expert Resource Center. Here you'll find articles, audio talks and videos of many of the world's leading family ministry thinkers. Read, listen and watch these samples and make sure you visit the linking pages to learn more from these experts.

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Family Ministry Foundations

Rob Rienow Photo

Dr. Rob Rienow, president of Visionary Families


Video button link MP3 Download - The Family and Global Evangelism
It's important to view the family as a discipleship and evangelism center. Listen to this 49-minute presentation by Dr. Rob Rienow as he masterfully articulates another aspect of Family Ministry.

Video button link Article - The Essential Role of the Family for World Evangelism
Walk through the scriptures with Dr. Rob Rienow as he charts the course of the family as a tool for evangelism in God's strategic plan.


Ben Freudenburg photo

Dr. Freudenburg is Director of the Family Friendly Partners Network process and curriculum and Family Life Program Director and Professor in Family Studies at Concordia University, Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Video button link In this Interview at AMFM, October 2011, Dr. Freudenburg outlines the need for excellent parent training so that the family is as much a spiritual institution as the church.
Timothy Paul Jones photo Dr. Timothy Paul Jones is an Associate Professor of Leadership and Church Ministry at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Editor of Family Ministry Today.
Video button link Dr. Jones walks us through the history that took the church to a place where it seems to be a the sum-total of programs back to a place where the church can reclaim its role as the family equipping center. Audio lecture from Aug, 26, 2011. This lecture used by permission of the author.

Video button link In this portion of a lecture first given at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. Jones challenges the church to make churches the source of training so that families can be the source of discipleship in accordance with Deuteronomy 6. The full lecture can be viewed through the SBTS site.


Leon Blanchette photo Dr. Leon Blanchette is Associate Professor of Christian Education in the School of Theology and Christian Ministry at Olivet Nazarene University.
Video button link This article, first published in the Epworth Pulpit blog, briefly describes the history and need for a new kind of family ministry and begins to set a stage for family ministries to impact the the church for future generations.

Video button link This article, first published in the Epworth Pulpit blog, challenges us to spend time together as we work on the goal of discipleship which moves beyond just knowing the Bible to experience transformed lives together.


Steve Johnson image

Steve works for the National Center for Biblical Parenting to network churches and resource partners to help parents disciple their children. He is our church consultant. Contact Steve for a FREE Family Ministry Consultation.

Video button link In Moving to a Viable Family Ministry Model, Steve Johnson describes a four level approach do developing family ministry in a local church. He offers practical ideas about how any church can begin implementing family ministry from the development of current ministries and programs.
Expert Mike Kipp image

Mike Kipp. Mike is the associate professor of youth and family ministry at Northwest Nazarene University. He has been involved in ministry to youth and families since 1991. Mike, now, serves as the family ministry advocate on the board of College Church of the Nazarene in Nampa, ID.

Video button link Is “Youth Ministry” in the Bible? Youth ministry has found itself as a center piece in much of the western church. Dr. Mike Kipp confesses that he has been a part of the drifting vision of ministry to our young people, which led him to return to Scripture for a better purpose. He develop the goal of youth ministry as “to integrate young people into the body and mission of Jesus Christ.” This article was first published on the Fuller Youth Institutes site, July 31, 2012.

Family Ministry Research

Expert image

Dr. Kara E. Powell is the Executive Director of the Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) and a faculty member at Fuller Theological Seminary. Brad Griffin serves as the Associate Director for the Fuller Youth Institute (FYI). Together they help lead the team at the Fuller Youth Institute and have been part of the writing team for the four Sticky Faith resources geared for parents and leaders.


Video button link This MP3, first posted on the Fuller Youth Institute iTunes channel and can be found with many other useful resources through the Sticky Faith website. This discussion provides an excellent summary of Sticky Faith. You'll be challenged to learn more about FYI's research.
Timothy Jones and Bryan Nelson Image Dr. Timothy Paul Jones is an Associate Professor of Leadership and Church Ministry at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Editor of Family Ministry Today. Bryan Nelson is a pastor and doctoral student at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
Video button link "The Problem and the Promise of Family Ministry" from Family Ministry Today, 2010 gives a good insight into the different models of family ministry and leads the reader to a family-equipping model.

Working Within the Age Groups

Rob Rienow Photo

Dr. Rob Rienow, president of Visionary Families


Video button link MP3 - Visionary Marriage
Listen to Dr. Rob Rienow articulate God's design for marriage.

Andy Root Image

Dr. Andrew Root is the Olson Baalson Associate Professor of Youth and Family Ministry at Luther Seminary, USA. In this talk called "Relational Ministry" given to Yale University Berkley Divinity School, January 17, 2012, you'll see three ways that you can make youth ministry more effective by adding a relational approach. You can learn more about Andy Root and his ministry at


Video Button This speech, given at the Yale University Berkeley Divinity School, highlights the changing needs of youth particularly that lead to a need for relational ministry.

Video button Andy Root's article "A Call to See and Be Near," first published in the Presbyterian Record, June 1, 2009, Dr. Root helps us to understand how changing culture has created more need for a ministry of relational suffering rather than a ministry that uses relationship as a path to membership.
Mark DeVries photo

Mark Devries is the founder of Youth Ministry Architects (2002) and Children's Ministry Architects (2010). He has written several books and papers on family-based youth ministry.


Video button In the Family Based Seminar Part 1 and Part 2 Mark DeVries shares tips for parents and youth ministry leaders for working with young people.
Michael Chanley image Michael Chanley serves as the Executive Director of the International Network of Children’s Ministry (INCM). INCM exists to serve | serve | serve … to serve God and those called to serve His children.
Video button In the article Michael Chanley shares the three arts for leading a children's ministry.

Bringing the Age Groups Together

Holly Allen photo Holly Allen researches and writes about family ministry from her office as the Director of Child and Family Studies at John Brown University.
Video Button "Bringing the Generations Together: Support from Learning Theory," Christian Education Journal, Series 3, Vol 2, No. 2. (Used by permission. Copyright, CEJ 2005.) This article helps the reader to understand scriptural and educational reasons for uniting the generations in different aspects of the Christian life together.


Diana Garland photo Diana Garland is the Dean of the School of Social Work at Baylor University. She has more than 30 years of experience developing church family and community ministries. Diana has written and edited 18 books on family ministry and relationships.
Video Button
Inside Out Families Book image
In the book Inside Out: Living the Faith Together, Dr. Garland uses the research methods for which she is well known to guide congregational leaders and counselors to encourage families to engage together in the Christian practice of service. This is an excerpt from from Inside Out: Living the Faith Together. It gives a clear overview of the value of teaching families to serve together. (Used by permission of Baylor University Press and Diana Garland.)

Practical Tools and Templates

Video Button Examples of church websites that display creative family ministry and communicate that their church is discipling families.
Video Button Examples of job descriptions that encourage family ministry in all disciplines of the church.
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