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Top Examples of Family Ministry Websites


Calvary Chapel Living Hope, Robinsville, NJ
Calvary Chapel Living Hope has created a comprehensive plan for family ministry. From the theme of the website to the ministry in the church, each aspect of the church recognized the need to ministry to the family. No one will doubt the emphasis on family in this church.

Cherry Hills logo

Cherry Hills Community, Highlands Ranch, CO
Based on a traditional children’s ministry, Cherry Hills has develop family ministry website that includes classes and resources for parents, and clear information about how the church can help family to cross through and celebrate milestones (called Celebrations of Faith).

Lake Pointe Logo

Lake Pointe Church, Rockwell, TX
Lake Pointe has develop a comprehensive plan toward family ministry that is represented with tools for all stages of life, connections for counseling and recovery, marriage tools and help for spiritual development. The family ministry at Lake Pointe integrates well across all ministries of the church.

Redeemer Presbyterian Church logo

Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York, NY
Knowing their special role in the largest city in North America, Redeemer had develop tools and connections for families facing the special challenges of their community. Their quarterly news letter to parents offers book reviews, profiles of leaders and volunteers, and a calendar with dates of training and celebrations.

Kenosha First logo

Kenosha First Assembly, Kenosha, WI
Through their children’s ministry site, Kenosha First Assembly provides a clear visual path for parents to understand the church’s plan for discipleship of children and parents’ role and resources. The site includes devotionals and tools for parents to use.

Parker Hill logo

Parker Hill Community Church, Clark Summit, PA
Using an Orange-influenced structure, Parker Hill presents information on the ministries to children and families. They outstanding point of this page is the clear description of the church’s family vision given in a video by the family ministry team leader, Darren Kizer.

Lincoln Berean logo

Lincoln Berean Church, Lincoln, NE
The large midwestern church, Lincoln Berean, had developed a website that focuses helping families find the right tools for them. They have developed The Family Navigator as a tool for sorting through database of trainings, resources and milestones celebration according to the specific needs and stages of each family.

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