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Inspire Parents Using a 90-Day Adventure

The 4/14 Family Challenge 90-Day Adventure is a tool to raise the awareness of the importance of spiritual training in the home. It provides parents with strategic ideas, fun activities, and talking points to engage their children spiritually in 13 weeks.

Here’s what makes the 90-Day Adventure Unique.
In Joshua 4, after the Israelites cross over the Jordan on dry ground, God has Joshua send 12 men back into the Jordan to bring 12 stones to create a monument. Then whenever children ask their parents, “Why is this monument here?” parents were directed to tell their kids about God’s amazing power both here and back in Egypt. Now, look back at the story. Who is responsible to take initiative to talk about spiritual things in the home? It’s the children. That’s why the 90-Day Adventure contains 13 questions children can ask their parents about spiritual things.

The 90-Day Adventure actually has three components for churches to choose from. Use one or use them all.

1. Use the 13 questions and challenge children ages 9-18 to ask their parents about spirituality and faith.

2. Provide parents with 13 Family Time activities and lessons to enjoy in their homes.

3. Involve all adults, even those who don’t find family to be their current mission in life, to learn to share Jesus with others.

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This book provides you with all of the activities, questions, and tips needed to run a 4/14 Family Challenge 90-Day Adventure in your church or school. When you purchase this project, you also have access to online tools, videos, and tips from others who have done the 90-Day Adventure. You’ll also have access to the Closed Facebook Group designed specifically for those who are doing the 90-Day Adventure.

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The 4/14 Family Challenge 90-Day Adventure is a strategic tool for inspiring and empowering families to engage together spiritually.



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