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4/14 Family Challenge Regional Conference

The problem with many conferences today is that they get you all excited but don’t help you continue on after the conference is over. The 4/14 Family Challenge Regional Conference isn’t an event. It’s a process.

The 4/14 Family Challenge Regional Conference is an Indigenous Conference. The word indigenous suggests taking advantage of local people. The word is most often used in missions situations as missionaries have discovered that the best way to influence a culture is not to have a missionary come in and work, but rather to have local people mobilized to use their God-given skills and abilities. That’s when a culture shift often takes place. The same thing happens in this conference.

Instead of emphasizing outside speakers to come into your Regional Family Conference, you’re instead using local leaders and talent to present workshops and offer continual interaction over the next several months. In fact, you may host this Family Conference twice a year with the goal of engaging people in family development. It doesn’t mean that you can’t bring someone in from the outside, but that most of the workshops or presenters are coming from the area and offering ongoing support and care.

Churches band together with each other and with Christian schools, bookstores, counseling centers, and other resource providers locally to provide strategies to strengthen families.

Several 4/14 Family Challenge Conferences are happening or have happened in the United States. if you’re interested in learning more about how you can mobilize a conference in your area, please contact Ed Miller, Director of Development at the National Center for Biblical Parenting.

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