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Family Ministry Resources from the National Center for Biblical Parenting
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First Steps • • •

Email Tips icon

Free Email Parenting Tips
One of the easiest and fastest way to get parents thinking biblically about parenting is to pass on email parenting tips. You can put them on your blog, website, email them on or print them out and distribute them.

Phone Consultation Icon Free Phone Consultation for Family Ministry
Steve Johnson is our Family Ministry Consultant, ready to help you strengthen the family ministry in your church with practical ideas. Give us a call or join us in the Family Ministry Church Leaders Facebook Group.

Video Parent Training Programs • • •

Parenting is Heart Work icon

Parenting Is Heart Work Video Parent Training Program
This is a great starting place for parents who want to learn parenting strategies from a heart-based approach. 8 DVD Sessions, reproducible guide, ready to use. $199.95

EPEK Icon Everyday Parents CAN Raise Extraordinary Kids Video Parent Training Program
Learn in 8 DVD sessions how to help children be internally motivated instead of relying on parental prompters to get things done. Reproducible Leader's Guide Included. $199.95
Say Goodbye to Whining Curriculum icon Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining, and Bad Attitudes Video Parent Training Program
13 sessions focused on relational tools in family life. The biblical concept of honor is applied to sibling conflict, attitudes, and the relational patterns in a home on the part of the parent and the child. This kit contains the Kid's Honor Club Children's Program, reproducible leader's guide, and an outreach manual to help you use a parenting seminar as an outreach to the community. $249.95.

Parenting Book Studies for Small Groups • • •

Parenting is Heart Work Book image

Parenting is Heart Work Book Study
Learn the practical difference between behavior modification and a heart-based approach to parenting. Awana bought 5000 copies of this book when it first came out and it's used as required reading in Concordia University's Family Ministry Program. $14.99 (call for 25% off multiple copies)

Say Goodbye book image Say Goodbye to Whining Book Study
When families practice honor, good things happen. Whether children are young or old, kids benefit from relational training and it starts in family life. This is a great book for single and blended families as well. We all need honor. $13.99 (call for 25% off multiple copies)
Good and Angry book image Good and Angry Book Study
When parents don't have a plan they often use anger to solve problems. This book not only teaches parents how to keep their cool, but provides practical strategies they can implement immediately. $14.99 (call for 20% off multiple copies)

Children's Curriculum • • •

Treasure Hunters Icon

Treasure Hunters
These eight lessons teach kids about the treasures hidden in family life. Kids learn the value of following instructions, admitting when they are wrong, how to accept no as an answer and much more. $24.95

Hero Training Camp icon Hero Training Camp
This is the conscience development program for kids, teaching them how to be internally motivated in 4 areas: Do what's right, deal with wrongs, be honest, and care about others. $34.95
Kids Honor Club icon Kids Honor Club
Honor transforms children because they learn to think about others instead of themselves. 13 lessons focused on the way kids treat others. $29.95

VBS • • •

Hero Training Camp VBS icon

Hero Training Camp VBS
Focusing on the life of David, children learn how to be heroes now in the small things of life so that God can use them in bigger things. A complete VBS curriculum focused on the biblical understanding of the conscience.

HTC Family VBS icon Hero Training Camp Family VBS
Why not do VBS differently this year. Using a station model, part of the time children are with their parents and part of the time parents and children learn independently. This program helps parents be spiritual trainers with their kids in fun ways.

Pass the Faith Curriculum • • •

Family Time Activities Books image

Family Time Activities Books
Parents often want to spiritually train their kids, but sometimes just don't know how. These Family Time Activities Books make devotions fun for kids. Use the language of children which is activity. $14.99 each (call for 30% discount on mulitple copies)

The Family Challenge Book image Free eBook
The Family Challenge eBook is free. This 60 page book teaches parents how to be spiritual leaders in practical ways in their homes. FREE
Children's Bibles icon Children's Bibles
To help children recognize that the Bible is relevant and practical for them now, not just when they get to be adults, provide children's Bibles.

Biblical Parenting University • • •

BPU image

Biblical Parenting University
A Church or Christian School site license provides all the teachers in your church or schools with four 30-minute classroom management courses for free. Parents get 75% off the $100 cost of courses. This is a powerful and flexible way to do parent training as parents and teachers can take these classes on demand in the comfort of their own home. Site License, $100.

Disciple Parents One Family at a Time • • •

Discipling Parents icon

Parent Mentor Program
These eight audio sessions with workbooks are an indepth parent mentoring program that provides a family with tools or a counselor with specific strategies to work with their children. This is a powerful tool for parent training for parents of children of all ages. $99 (Additional sets for 40% off)

Free Articles
About Family Ministry • • •

Development icon

Family Ministry
Check out these free articles from experts in family ministry ministry. They will stimulate your thinking, provide inspiration and vision, and give you practical tools to implement now.

Single Parenting Resources • • •

Single Parent icon

Single Parenting
We have lots of tools for single parenting including personal contact with our Single Parenting expert, Linda Ranson Jacobs.

Live Parenting Seminar • • •

Live Seminar icon

Live Parenting Seminar
Host a live event to bring energy to your family ministry. Either invite Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN or one of their trained presenters located around the country. The seminar is lively, practical, and biblical. This is a great way to launch a new parenting emphasis or enhance one that's already growing.

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