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Biblical Parenting Coaching Program - Self Guided

One of the ways to go through the Biblical Parenting Coaching Program is on your own or with friends. Here’s how it works:

You have access to the program ongoing. Once you’ve purchased the program you can access it at any time and it doesn’t expire.

You’ll download a notebook of video highlight sheets, worksheets, and journal forms to track your progress.

You have weekly reading suggestions in the program.

This approach to this program is good for those who are self motivated and who can take new ideas and implement them on their own or with friends. Although you can take as long as you want, the program is designed to be a commitment for 8 weeks which is long enough to see significant change yet not too long to make it unreasonable for most parents.

A concerted effort on your parenting with one child produces significant results. This isn’t just about changing your parenting. It’s about practicing to bring about new patterns in your child.

There are several ingredients that make the Biblical Parenting Coaching Program work. Take any one or more away and you’ll weaken the results.

  • Parents receive biblical input that is practical and focused on the heart.
  • Parents are given practice instructions to work on that are attainable.
  • A concerted effort with one child for a defined period of time.
  • A parent is willing to commit to the process and do the work necessary.
  • Parents are taught strategy and planning, not just techniques.

Another helpful ingredient is accountability. That’s why many parents like to work directly with a coach. When you sign up with a coach, this program comes at no additional charge.

Self Guided Program: $199.00

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