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How the Coaching Program Works
Here's what you can expect from the eight week program
Two parallel tracks take place at the same time and they work together. First, the coach listens to your challenges and starts you on a plan for change in your specific area of need. The coach will help you develop a plan, guide you on how to present it well to the child, and help you set up systems of accountability to bring the change about.
Secondly, you'll enter into a training experience that will feed you parenting tools that will bolster your plan and increase your strategies and techniques for bringing about change in a child from a biblical perspective. These two tracks dovetail beautifully together to maximize change in your home. Here are some of the activities you'll be doing.
1) You’ll watch three videos each week totaling about 30 minutes per week. These videos are created by Dr. Scott Turansky, presenting the techniques and strategies. Each weeks videos build on the previous week providing you with practical ways to work with your child.
2) You’ll download the worksheets, video highlight sheets, powerpoint notes, and journal forms each week to create a thick notebook you’ll refer to often.

3) Four books are available to you to read along and get the most out of the program along with a strategic reading guide showing you which chapters to read each week. You can purchase those books here unless you're working with Dr. Turansky (the books are included).

4) You can do the program as a self-study course, join an online parenting support group with others, or work one on one with Dr. Turansky or one of his trained coaches. We have several ways for you to maximize this program for your unique needs.

5) Each week you’ll fill out a journal report documenting your progress and the challenges you’re working on this week. If you’re working with a coach, you’ll meet with that coach several times during the eight weeks to get more advice and perspective on your situation.

6) You’ll practice the routines and techniques, communicate vision to your child, provide practical steps, and affirm progress that you’re seeing. It’s these practice steps that become the home therapy that exercises the heart in new and powerful ways.

A concerted effort for eight weeks can bring about lasting and major changes in your child. Many parents view it as a miracle. God does amazing things!
Here’s what you’ll learn each week:
Week 1: Get Things Done in Family Life with Less Tension.
Not only will the practice sessions of this week bring peace into your family but they will also help your kids develop the life skills they need to be more effective now and in the future. You’ll also learn how to make your parenting positive while still working on challenges your child has. The focus this week is getting things done in family life, building cooperation, and responsibility. Major changes happen in this week alone.
Week 2: Stop the Anger Escalation.
Turning this technique into a routine in your home will provide your kids with the tools necessary to manage their anger for the rest of their lives. In this week, you’ll also learn how FIRMNESS is an essential parenting tool and three ways to do it. In Week 2 you'll learn helpful strategies for correction.
Week 3: End Every Correction Experience Positively.
Instead of lingering tension, this technique will add more tools for correction and contribute to major change in your child. You’ll also learn the art of VISIONING with your child to bring about needed change.
Week 4: Transfer Responsibility to the Child.
One of the major ways to bring about change is to transfer the responsibility to that child. You’ll learn how to use a T-Chart to do that as well as two more heart-based tools: TEACHING and PRAYER.
Week 5: Develop a Coaching Relationship With Your Child.
When you identify the target quality, and provide the child with the practical tools to move forward, you then can be the coach to come alongside your child. COACHING always involves practice. This week’s tools can bring you closer to your child in the midst of the challenges that need to be changed.
Week 6: Manage Emotions in You and Your Child.
Every family needs a plan to address conflict and emotions in the home. In this week you’ll receive specific steps to help anyone bring their emotions under control.
Week 7: Build Internal Motivation in Kids.
Wouldn’t it be great if kids would see what needs to be done and do it? Use this tool for chores, getting ready in the morning, or homework. When parents change the way they parent, kids change the way they live. Don’t miss this week. It will make your parenting much easier when you focus on internal motivation in kids.
Week 8: Handle Resistance Carefully.
When kids resist, there’s a heart problem. How you respond can make the difference between moving forward and a major setback. Use this concept to know how hard to push and to see the warning signs of danger.
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