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We can Help You Change ANY Child at ANY Age with ANY Problem

Here are some recent examples and testimonies.

I could cry at how much this has changed my life. This is the most influential program I have ever done. I didn't know a family could change so much in 8 weeks. A person wouldn't even recognize our family from what it was 8 weeks ago.” —Mom of three from Canada

“I feel like we’ve been rescued from a pit of despair. Our son has made so much progress, we are continually surprised. Now, instead of resistance at every step, we not only get cooperation but he’s actually looking for ways to help. Thank you so much.” —Mom of a ten-year-old with ADHD

“Yesterday my fourteen-year-old son came and sat next to me and said, ‘I crossed the line there didn’t I?’ This is big. His meanness and disrespect have been hard on our family but he’s getting it and making significant changes. This approach works. I would recommend it to anyone.” —Mom of two teenage boys

This approach will work with your child and here’s why:

I (Scott) have been coaching families for many years. Parents with challenging problems come in and even after the first meeting, they are hopeful. As they start working they see significant change in a short period of time. The approach I use, along with heavy doses of God's grace, works to help kids change. Parents find it refreshing, insightful, and hopeful.

In fact, I'd be happy to give you a free 15 minute consultation to see if this program would be most beneficial to you. I'll listen to your situation, give you some analysis from a heart-based approach, and guide you to the best solutions. Go here to request your free consultation.

The program started when Concordia University approached me and asked me to design their Master's level parenting program. Every student moving toward a Family Life Education Masters degree must now pass through my class. I train those students, and now train Biblical Parenting Coaches to do what I do. They are seeing the same results. Here's what makes the approach work:

  • It's biblical, looking at a theology of change. God designed us. When we understand change from a biblical perspective we multiply our efforts.

  • It’s practical, giving specific how-to solutions. When kids practice right responses, it changes patterns to positive ones.

  • It’s focused on the heart. Now we’re looking at tendencies and changing them with a deeper, longer lasting approach.

  • It looks long-term. Common problems become the training ground for life skills that kids will need for the rest of their lives.

Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN

Learn more about the specifics of the program here.

Maximize your work and streamline your parenting by using a heart-based approach. In this short book you can download at the top of this page we’ll get you started by helping you view your child's heart like a map. We'll identify where you are now, and help you see where you need to be. Then we’ll show you how to get there.

From there, the possibilities are endless because you're viewing the problem differently. It's a paradigm shift for many, and it's a systematic, individualized approach to change.

We believe that you, as the parent, are the best counselor for your child, if you have a good plan. Our job is to help you develop that plan.

This book is our gift to you. We trust it will revolutionize your parenting and give you a positive approach to lasting change.

We also hope it will whet your appetite for more. We've designed a whole coaching program, modeled after the class I teach at Concordia. And you can get the personal benefits in your family. You can work with one of my trained coaches for eight weeks or you can do the self-guided program.

And, perhaps, you're gifted in the ability to coach others and you'd like to become a coach. Just click below on the best link for you to learn more.

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