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Share Your Question or Testimony Here

Dr. Scott Turansky takes questions and shares testimonies on his weekly podcast. If you'd like to ask a question, just hit record. You have 90 seconds. When you're done hit stop and you'll have a chance to listen and approve your question. Then when you're satisfied with it, hit send and that's it.


Please include the following in your question:

1 • Your name, the state where you live, and any info you'd like to share like your blog or website.
2 • The ages of your children and particularly the age of the child you might have a question about. We don't usually share the names of children to protect their privacy.
3 • Ask your question.

You might start by saying, "My name is ______ and I live in _______. My children are (tell ages). I have a blog or website at ______________. Here's my question.


We love to share testimonies on the air. You might want to tell us how one of our products or a seminar has blessed you and your family. It's helpful if you will tell us how old your child is and then share away.

You might start by saying, "My children are (tell ages) and I read/attended/used (include product) and (Tell how it worked for you. It helps if you give specifics.)

Recording Instructions:

If you make a mistake you can always start over. You'll be able to listen to your recording before you upload it. Start by clicking on the button below. You may be asked for permission to use your microphone. (This is only an audio recording, not video.) When you're done recording click the button. You'll then have a choice of rerecording, listening, or uploading your audio. When you're pleased with your recording, just hit the upload arrow and you're done. Thank you.


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