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In public schools, anti-bullying, inclusion, and positive behavior encouragement programs are all the rage. Although there is value in such efforts, stepping back and looking at the needs of school aged children from my perspective of having spent more than 30 years as a special education teacher and school counselor I find that they are no more than fad-based band aids obfuscating the true root problem. The breakdown of the traditional family is the greatest single factor undermining both the education and the emotional health of all our children.

This is why I support the National Center for Biblical Parenting. Their heart for the family shines through all their workshops, publications, and courses. If you are facing struggles in your child rearing you should review their materials and take advantage of the help available. Even if you think you have everything under control, look through the courses offered...they may increase your knowledge and prepare you to be a help to young families you know.

I want to invite you to join with me in support of the National Center for Biblical Parenting today.

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