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Our daughter turns eighteen years old in a few weeks. There is nothing like watching a child grow into young adulthood to realize how much and how fast a little person can change into someone AMAZING!

My husband and I were nominal Christian whe we married, but we only know that looking back. When our bouncing baby girl arrived, we were also nominal parents, but again—we only know that looking back. We knew about about IRA's, computers, expense accounts, and designer shoes, but we didn't know about babies, sleepless nights, or how contagious our emotions could be! We had no idea what we did not know!

The first time I listened to Dr. Scott and Mrs. Miller speak about how to stop the whining and complaining in our home, I thought I had found a solution for the child. It turned out, I had stumbled upon the saving grace for our entire family.

We entered marriage understanding communication and pop psychology. However, nobody had taught us anything about the place of the human heart in human affairs. As we learned to connect with our child's heart and see the world through her eyes, we learned to connect with each other more deeply, too.

We have faced a lot of challenges over the years as a family. There has been nothing easy about it, but it has been pretty basic and simple. We don't gloss over each other's feelings, especially the difficult ones. We honor each other through service and cooperation. We watch our words to each other and practice encouragement. We think it is more important to be happy than right and humility is a good thing. Gentleness has enormous strength.

Life in this world, at this time is less certain than we have ever known it to be. The steps we took to establish an environment of openness and trust early on is what helped us through the inevitable trials and disappointments that seem a part of everyone's life. We have navigated past difficult personalities in the school system, the stress of unemployment in economic uncertainty, and dangerous trends in the culture at large.

We owe it to the National Center for Biblical Parenting for showing us that the Word of God is not just some dusty old history book with cryptic sayings and hidden meanings. It is alive with a wealth of inspiration and instruction for today's family. They showed us from the beginning many practical tips to protecting the impressionable heart of a young person while allowing our older hearts to soften into ones that were "teachable."

It is today's family that nurtures and guides tomorrow's adult into the challenges of a global environment. When the Bible comes alive with relevance and practicality, the confusing messages of a chaotic world quiet down enough one can actually hear "a still small voice." Dr. Scott and Mrs. Miller made the good book interesting and colorful all the while nudging us into a healthier frame of mind in dealing with messy behaviors . . . in ourselves and our little girl.

We will be forever grateful to the team at the National Center for Biblical Parenting who helped us make sense of family life in good times and even now in less predictable times. They have been true friends.

Rob, Doreen and Rachel Curry

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